I kinda got divorced in 2016. But first Bikes & Coffee won $20,000.

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We went through the Motor City Match program and pitched our idea. Never in a million years did I imagine winning, but we did. Shit gets real when your idea wins twenty grand.

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Then, a year and a half after we had signed our letter of intent to lease space in Woodbridge, we were presented a lease. On April 23rd, 2016, we signed a 5-year lease, clinked a couple glasses with our landlord, and stepped into the next phase of ownership.

popping up at  Motorstadt

popping up at Motorstadt

Throughout all this, we popped up at events across metro Detroit: car and motorcycle shows, cycling events, farmers markets and retail spaces. We were patiently waiting for our own retail space to undergo its renovation. The space hadn't been used in a couple decades.

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On top of all that, I had my own trying personal relationships and an unmotivated business partner. He decided to remove himself from the business and pursue other goals at the end of the year. Thankfully the separation was amicable, but it wasn't easy. We were married to the business and each other, sharing a lease and a cash reward from Motor City Match. It was like a divorce. It took about 9 months to finalize terms and have the proper paperwork in order.

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It wasn't easy, but I kept telling myself to stay the course. And I did.