Some people, the mother’s day people.

In life, people come and people go. But these very specific people actually brought me into this world, raised me from day one, changed my diapers, fed me, spoiled me, and loved me more than I could have ever asked for. And today I want to introduce them to you and thank them for everything they’ve done. 

Above all things, they listened to me: Whenever I called with some crazy Idea or showed up at their doorstep with broken bones (sorry, Mom) they were there with open arms, open ears, and an open heart.

Today, I want to celebrate them. Happy Mother’s Day.


My grandmother, nancy pangrazzi.

Born in 1933, she moved to Detroit from the south, met my grandfather Louie, settled down and had seven children. When my grandfather died at a young age, Grandma took on the challenge of raising seven kids alone.

Grandma Nancy raised me while my parents worked. I spent so many summers in her backyard in Westland. She’s shown nothing but support and curiosity in all of my adventures. She’s always offered up sounding board, a warm meal, and the best hugs and kisses. This woman has been a driving force in my growth, always wanting nothing but the best for me. I’ve tried to do everything I could to make her proud.

Thank you, Grandma!


My mom, Cindy Kehoe (AKA Cin Cin).

My mom’s an awesome woman. Clean, organized, creative. Just like Grandma Nancy, Cindy’s wanted nothing but the best for me.

My mom is a retiree from United States Postal Service; she’s been a hard working woman my whole life. She’s a long time stained glass artist and wicked creative. I’m thankful I got a lot of my creativity from her. Thanks to this woman, Bikes & Coffee is alive and well,  She’s level headed and has always done her best to keep me in line. She knows I need it.

Thank you Mom.


my sister, alisia stottlemeyer

Alisia is twelve years older than me and and many more years wiser. Technically she’s my half-sister since we only share the same mother, but that never mattered. I’ve gotten nothing but love and support from her.

If I had a wild idea, Alisia would always hear it out. I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve called her spewing an idea off before we even got the hellos out of the way. I could think freely and she’d never judge or tell me something wasn’t possible. She’d listen and then objectively walk through the idea with me.

She’s also the best mom to my nephew Carter. I couldn’t ask for a better sister. Thanks for being you, Alisia.